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Intelligent Retail Integrated Solutions

How do you stand out and compete in a changing market that allows customers the ability to have nearly anything they want, when they want it right at their fingertips? You adapt and play along. The Eye Designs Group is dedicated to creating a deeper enhanced patient experience that bridges the gap between the virtual and the physical marketplace. IRIS (Intelligent Retail Integrated Solutions) is our answer to the changing retail environment and is the future of how customers shop.

“The best way to predict the
future is to invent it.”

Alan Kay

User Interface Pioneer

IRIS is about bringing new energies and technologically advanced Experience Centers into the, all too often, stagnant environment of optical retailing. Imagine an optical environment that links your patients’ virtual lives to their physical experience in your office and can all be done while they are still there shopping. Imagine a retail space that communicates to your customers utilizing smart devices they currently use in their everyday lives. IRIS is doing this. The Eye Designs Group is ushering in a new way to connect with customers by integrating new and exciting technologies into our display systems and merchandising solutions. IRIS is allowing customers to be informed, educated and stylish all while having fun and sharing their experiences with their friends.

IRIS Experience Centers include iPad applications, RFID technology, Social Media integration and digital enhancements designed to connect patients, deliver information and create a memorable shopping experience. The Eye Designs Group is very proud to bring you IRIS, the new standard in patient experience.


The retail environment is changing

The Eye Designs Group recognizes the changing retail climate and the need for elevating the customer experience. We not only want to design you a beautiful store with functional displays, but we want to enable you to make that store engaging, relevant and even fun. Our goal is to assist you in creating the best retail environment from front to back, across physical and digital platforms. This has lead us to develop IRIS, Intelligent Retail Integrated Solutions, our growing array of advanced technological Experience Centers aimed specifically at enhancing the optical retail market. The Eye Designs Group is committed to disrupt the current retail market and create the future of how consumers shop.


Below is an introduction to The Eye Designs Group's technology experience centers. If you would like more information about adding these to enhance your patient experience please email with the button below.


INSIGHT is designed to be a feature section of your optical and to display the brands and content you want to highlight. You just specify the brands and frames you want to feature and the Eye Designs Group does all the work. We build your experience just for you and sync it to the display via our cloud based content management system. Want to change a brand or add additional styles later on? No problem, we can control the content remotely. You don’t have to do any of the work.


Let your customers explore brands, frame styles, additional colors and even learn more about your optical and current sales promotions. It’s a digital catalog that your customers can access in real time while they shop.



Welcome EYEQUEUE, a hashtag photobooth, social media marketing tool, interactive shopping experience and eyewear display all in one! This is the future of how consumers shop. But, how does it work? Simple.


Chances are your customers are already using their phones to take selfies while shopping. All they have to do is upload that selfie to their Instagram with your unique hashtag and username and bam it shows up on the screen of the EYEQUEUE display. EYEQUEUE is using software that is constantly looking through Instagram and Twitter for new instances of your hashtag. Each time it finds one, that post is pulled into the machine and the image is displayed.


The magic is that now their image, with your hashtag, is living on social media, gaining likes and attention, all while exposing their followers and friends to your brand. This allows your brand to reach a completely new audience of people you would have otherwise never reached. The social media outreach is exponential!



Utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, SMART-ID is a store level inventory management software package that tracks current inventory levels, identifies missing frames and captures product movement.


The eGrab cloud based software powers the inventory database and communicates with a handheld scanner to perform inventory with a simple sweep of your frame displays. The daunting task of a store’s frame inventory is reduced to minutes.



SMART MIRROR is the leading app designed with the eye care industry in mind. This application turns a standard iPad into a powerful shopping and educational tool. Coupled with our unique and innovative display it will enhance any optical environment. SMART MIRROR’s robust features allow you to educate customers and also aid them in choosing the right frames and lenses, all while being a valuable time saver for your staff.


SMART MIRROR allows your customers to take up to 4 photos while trying on frames and compare them side by side. The display is engineered to allow the customer to adjust the height of the iPad, so they can capture the best possible image of their frame selection. They can then email the photos to themselves or friends to share their shopping experience, get opinions and have help with making their selections. SMART MIRROR helps the customer be confident in their choices by allowing them to ask the people they trust the most.